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Floor Amendment for
Afghan Adjustment Act

Maine Vets for Afghans Call for
Afghan Adjustment Act Floor Amendment in Omnibus

For Immediate Release: December 20, 2022

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Maine veterans are alarmed at the news that the Afghan Adjustment Act was not included in the text of the omnibus legislation and call for it to be included as a floor amendment. The Afghan Adjustment Act is a must-pass veterans and national security bill. Congress must do the right thing and not leave our Afghan allies behind after two decades of war and loyalty, sacrifice, and service to the United States.

Last month, nearly 130 Maine veterans wrote in a letter to Members of Congress:

 “We know from firsthand experience that the support of local partners on the ground in conflict zones is crucial to keeping U.S. troops safe, to ensuring we achieve our objectives, and to promoting U.S. interests. Failure to pass the AAA now will jeopardize the trust, loyalty, and support of local partners in future conflicts. It will cost us intel and American lives."

The Bipartisan Afghan Adjustment Act has overwhelming support including from:

In a statement on Veterans Day, Chief Warrant Officer 5 (Ret.) John Friberg, U.S. Army Special Forces, Norway, Maine said:

 "Every day that passes without the Afghan Adjustment Act being law, our allies here in Maine are in limbo, uncertain what will happen to them. In Afghanistan, those who stood and fought beside us are hunted down, beaten, imprisoned, or killed. There is not a moment to wait."

Read the words of other Maine Veteran leaders and Afghan allies in Maine here:



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